Yoodo Selangor Red Giants Continues Their Three Time Win Streak!

Yoodo Selangor Red Giants (YSRG) continues the momentum of three consecutive clean victories.

The biggest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang championship, MPL Malaysia Season 13, began on March 29th and has now entered its second week of league matches. It's been a promising start for the #RedGiants team as they have managed to maintain an unbeaten record throughout the first two weeks of the MPL Malaysia Season 13 league.

The YSRG squad kicked off the league competition with a 2-0 victory against last season's champions, Homebois. The momentum of victory continued into the second and third matches as the YSRG team secured consecutive 2-0 wins against Team Haq and Todak.

The third victory yesterday against the Todak team marked the final win before the league takes a break for the Eid al-Fitr celebration

According to the team captain, Yums, he is very grateful and proud of the team's performance.

"Alhamdulillah, our team's start went smoothly when we managed to secure the first victory against the Homebois team. And alhamdulillah as well for the momentum of victory that we were able to continue until our third match yesterday.

“Even though we have dominated in 3 matches, the league is still long, there's still so much we need to improve, and we will always remain focused for every match we'll face”, said Yums.

For the third week of the league, the #RedGiants team is scheduled to face off against the RSG MY team for their fourth match. In terms of match records, the last time the YSRG team faced the RSG MY team was in the final stage of the Kohai Sea Championship Season 2 at the end of last December.

May the YSRG team continue to succeed in carving out victories and strive for the badge on their chests. On this occasion, Yoodo Selangor Red Giants also wish to extend our heartfelt Eid al-Fitr greetings and forgiveness to all Muslims, especially to the #RedGiants supporters.

Demi Kebanggaan.