Ayron Wants To Continue Contributing For Selangor FC

Ayron Del Valle of Selangor FC scored his first hat-trick of the season in the 14th match of the 2023 Super League against Kelantan United FC recently.

The Columbian player had a slow start to the season but has improved over time, after scoring 13 goals in 14 league matches making him the second top scorer so far.

According to Ayron, he wants to continue to contribute to the Merah Kuning squad and help the team to be at its best level. 

"I am pleased that all of my hard work has resulted in positive outcomes for myself and the team. The hat-trick during the #KLUSEL match is not the end. My goal this season is to continue to contribute goals and assists to the team in order to achieve Selangor FC's mission and ensure the team is at its best in every match," Ayron hopes.

Despite his slow start, Ayron has managed to rank among the top scorers thus far. In general, he felt, "the team's atmosphere is now at a good level, thanks to the coaching and technical staff who lead the team in ensuring confidence is at the highest level.

“At the same time, I believe that good communication both on and off the pitch has helped me perform better,” Ayron explained the reason behind his great statistics.

The management is confident that Ayron will continue to contribute to the Selangor FC squad and help the team to be at the best level in the Malaysian Football scene. We believe in you, Ayron!

Demi Kebanggaan!