Match Review LS14 | Kelantan United FC vs Selangor FC | 7 Goals Scored at Kota Bharu!

Yesterday, the Selangor FC squad managed to take home three points against Kelantan United FC in the 2023 Super League match at Muhammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu with a 7-1 result.

58% possession, 22 attempts, 13 on target, and 3 corner kicks were recorded throughout the game. Mukhairi Ajmal scored in the 4th minute of the match, followed by Ayron Del Valle in the 10th, Faisal Halim in the 29th minute, and Ayron Del Valle in the 45th minute, before the first half ended. Yohandry Orozco scored the next goal in the 52nd minute, followed by Izwan Yuslan in the 78th minute, before Ayron Del Valle scored a hat-trick and the game-winning goal in the 80th minute.

Tan Cheng Hoe, Selangor FC's Head Coach, is pleased with the team's comeback and urges the players to take this victory as inspiration to keep battling.

"In the Super League competition, we don't consider any match easy, especially when we score a lot, as we did in the #KLUSEL match, because every team has experienced coaches and players, but the most important thing is the competition." However, I constantly advise the players to stay focused on their own squad and work hard and consistently to help us reach our goals this season.

This victory is a welcome reprieve for the team after our last defeat. The guys stayed concentrated and took advantage of every opportunity to score goals. From there, we witness the team performing with complete confidence and a strong will to win.

I hope this victory serves as motivation for the team. This accomplishment is the product of the efforts of Selangor FC's players, coaching staff, and technical staff," Tan Cheng Hoe remarked.

From yesterday's #KLUSEL match, some important things can be seen, such as:-

Selangor FC's first hat trick of the 2023 season

With his first hat-trick of the 2023 season, Ayron Del Valle of the Red Giants has set a new personal record for Selangor FC. His 'volley' goal in the 10th minute of the game stunned everyone and energised Selangor FC fans, particularly those at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium. Despite a poor start, Ayron has scored 13 goals and contributed four assists in 14 Super League games, including two in the FA Cup.

The first goal in the 2023 Super League competition

Yohandry Orozco, a new import player, and Izwan Yuslan, Selangor FC's youngest player at 19 years old, scored their first Super League goals in the 52nd and 78th minutes of the match yesterday. Orozco has three goals (1 Super League and two FA Cup) and four assists (3 Super League and one FA Cup).

Goal assists  #KLUSEL

Ayron Del Valle (minutes 4' & 29'), Faisal Halim (minutes 45' & 52'), and Quentin Cheng (minutes 78' & 80') each had two goal assists in the #KLUSEL match, while Yohandry Orozco (minute 10') also had an assist. The Selangor FC forward line is working really well together here.

The birth of a new 'Central Defensive Midfielder' (CDM)

Tan Cheng Hoe, Selangor FC's Head Coach, has named Harith Haiqal to replace Noor Al-Rawabdeh, who was forced to withdraw from the starting XI due to a fever on the day of the match. In yesterday's #KLUSEL encounter, Harith Haiqal seems to have handled his responsibilities well. To let everyone know, Harith used to play CDM in high school.

Tan Cheng Hoe lauded Harith Haiqal's performance yesterday, saying, "the coaching line is confident that Harith Harith can have an impact on the team." He performed admirably, which is beneficial to him because he has demonstrated his ability to play in both the centre and defensive positions."

The management is pleased with the team's performance yesterday. Hopefully, the squad can keep this positive momentum going in the upcoming game. Red Giant, come on!

We must also remember the Selangor FC fans who joined the team for a 'Away Day' at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium yesterday. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Demi Kebanggaan!