Match Review LS4 | Penang FC 1-2 Selangor FC | Late Sweet Winner By Noor

Selangor FC earned three crucial points in the fourth match of the 2023 Super League after overcoming Penang FC 2-1 at City Stadium Penang yesterday.

The statistics from yesterday's game showed the #RedGiants had 51% ball possession, 81% pass accuracy, 10 attempts on goal, and 2 corner kicks. In the 27th minute, Ayron Del Valle scored after receiving a precise pass from Faisal Halim, and in the 89th minute, Noor Al-Rawabdeh scored the game-winning goal after finishing Aliff Haiqal Lau's pass.

According to Tan Cheng Hoe, Head Coach of Selangor FC, the attitude and fighting spirit of the players helped the team bring home three points.

"This is a very competitive match, whereby both teams were looking for a win yesterday to maintain a good position in the league. The situation yesterday was quite critical, we attacked and defended well, that for me is very important. If we look, in the last half of the match we managed to overcome our own weaknesses and scored the winning goal for the team.

“Of course we have some mistakes from the defense and attack that can be seen from the match that we need to improve. However, the high fighting spirit is the reason why we won tonight and it is a satisfaction for the team," praised Tan Cheng Hoe

From yesterday's #PENSEL match, some important things can be seen, such as:-

The 50th appearance of Selangor FC development player

Selangor FC striker Danial Asri, who first started playing with the first team in the 2020 Malaysia Cup against Melaka FC, managed to make his 50th appearance in this match. For the record, he has scored seven goals and four assists so far with the Red Giants.

Danial Asri is a development player for Selangor FC, he has played with the Presiden and Belia team, before being promoted to the Selangor 2 team and became the Top Local Scorer in the 2020 Premier League.

Faisal Halim added another assist

"Honestly, Faisal Halim played a very good role in the team. Although he hasn't had a chance to score yet, he has made four assists with the team," stressed Tan Cheng Hoe.

Faisal continues to have the most assists in the team so far after making an accurate pass to Ayron Del Valle to score the first #PENSEL goal.

Debut for Selangor FC's new local player

Khuzaimi Piee, managed to break into the starting line-up and make his first appearance for the season in the #PENSEL match.

Aliff Haiqal Lau's first assist of the 2023 season

The player who had a breakthrough season and has matured came off the bench in the 85th minute and made an instant impact, two minutes after his introduction, as he managed to find Noor Al-Rawabdeh who scored the winning goal for the team. Overall, this is his fourth assist with The Red and Yellow team.

Selangor FC is proud of the team's achievements so far. Hopefully they can maintain this good momentum in the next match. Keep fighting, Red Giants!

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